Mary Stuart poster Marling spoke to Laura Barton of NEWSWEEK about writing original music for Robert Icke's production of Friedrich Schiller's MARY STUART. She said that Icke was the first person ever to ask her to rewrite her lyrics. "I sent him the demo and the final draft of the lyrics, she said, "or what I thought would be the final draft, and he sent a really amazing critique of what he felt was relevant and what he felt wasn't drawn from the play and couldn't be placed there."

Actors Juliet Stevenson and Lia Williams alternated in the roles of Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart at the Almeida Theatre in London. Which actor played which role was decided by the toss of a coin before each performance.


(written for Robert Icke's 2016 production of Friedrich Schiller’s play "MARY STUART")

Laura Marling

I lived my life in fits and spurts
Maybe I've had more than I deserve
But I'm not sure I can feel much worse
I kept your letter
I read your words

I've tried to share the map with you
But you're acid-tongued
And serpent-toothed
I'm trying to give you loving truth
But you know your way
You have your route
I found God in you.

Left my heart with a man in those eastern woods
He's so people shy but his words are good
And I hope that he won't fade away
I should write to him tomorrow
I wrote that yesterday

Home, this is not your home anymore
I just threw my pieces
They washed up on our shore
I wouldn't live in any other way
It is my right to wander
I might choose to stay
I found God in the strangest place

And I saw the sign for that old highway
You did cross my mind
But it didn't change
I do hope we meet again someday
I hope we meet again
I hope you never change

I hope we meet again
I hope you never change