(from the blog of Lucy on Tumbler - October 2012)

so last night i got to see laura marling...
live in massachusetts, which is like 3.5 hours away from where i live right but i really wanted to go and then arielle and her friend, laurel, were going to be there like awesome.

so i went to school, etc. and that was all i talked about all day and everyone was like lol shup up lucy lol but i wouldn’t because this concert was really important to me

so we were supposed to leave at 3:15 because i wanted to get there kind of early so maybe i’d get decent seats, but my dad was getting the car serviced and the people at the servicing place were taking forever so he didn’t even get home until 3:40 and then he had to get ready so we basically didn’t leave until like 4 which made me really mad and i thought we would be really late.

then on the way we got stuck in crazy ass traffic because there was a really bad car accident like /really/ bad car accident so we were stuck for like 20 minutes on a road that should have taken us about 2 minutes to cross.

we ended up getting to the venue around 6:45 and i was really mad because i just wanted to go in but my parents were like nope jk go eat something but

i was really persistent and they’re like fine just go wait for like 2 hours in that stupid line

so i went and i mean i was only waiting for like 10 minutes before they let me in and i wasn’t really that close to the front but kind of close so i saw that there were five front row seats left and i walked really quickly to get to them like i would have run but i didn’t want to be kicked out and i got the seats and reserved the four for the people i was coming with.

i really didn’t expect front row seats though wow. and then i was in the room for like an hour before anyone came in and arielle and her friend still weren’t here so i was like fuk because the concert was about to start and i didn’t know if they would get there on time.

then laura came on and i was crying because just wow she’s really perfect okay like she’s so pretty and she’s so nice like she’s really so sweet and humble which i guess you don’t see too often with celebrities but just aw and then she played Sophia omfg when she played sophia like that song just wow and i was so happy i didn’t think she was going to.

but between songs, she would tune her guitars and the like and she had these little banters, which were like the cutest thing like she’s such a real person she’s perfect omg so basically it was an amazing concert and then after, arielle, laurel, and i went out to wait for her and we found the backstage door thing and we probably waited for 30 minutes then she came out and ugh we walked up to her and we were like hi etc.

and so then we started talking a bit but i’m so fucking awkward so idk but arielle showed her a note that laura wrote her in response to a note and aw she actually remembered it so 7a7 arielle and then i was going to get her to sign my phone case on the inside but it wouldn’t come out so she signed the outside instead which was cool so now i can’t use it i’m like preserving it in this bag .

and then laura told laurel that sometimes her parents called her laurel and i was like aw you’re like twins and then she was like yeh then she laughed

and then i told her we had the same shoes and then we were twins too and her boyfriend had them as well so triplets.

and then i told her about how i started guitar because i wanted to learn how to play sophia and she told us we were adorable and just omfg it was so amazing and she’s so cute awh okay

so basically i met laura marling and sat front row at her concert mhm.

Laura Marling - photo by Justin Tyler Close for Lab Magazine


All of This Can Be Broken by Jason Lucas


In 2011, photographer Jason Lucas of Chillicothe, Ohio published a book of photos entitled all of this can be broken. The title was inspired by the Laura Marling song DEVIL'S SPOKE. The book is now out of print.


A piece of theatre at Edinburgh Fringe 2015 called 'Method In Madness' had a soundtrack made up exclusively of music by Laura Marling. A short film made to promote the production is available on YouTube.


Karen Elson and Laura MarlingDistant Shore, the first track released form Karen Elson's next album, DOUBLE ROSES, features Laura Marling on backing vocals. The album was released in April 2017 and is available from Amazon.


Quentin Ames has posted guitar tutorials on how to play each of the four songs that make up the opening medley on ONCE I WAS AN EAGLE on YouTube, and they are also with the lyrics for the individual songs (Take the Night Off, I Was an Eagle, You Know, Breathe) on this site.


Nan Goldin

In a brief interview with FAULT MAGAZINE, things about Marling were revealed. Her favourite artist is photographer Nan Goldin; she has no favourite fashion designer; her all-time favourite film is LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (I'm assuming she means the 1997 Italian film that won three Oscars. There are at least six films with that title.), and she considers her worst habit to be Marmite.


The article this was a part of has been removed from Marling's site. The full text is avaiable at Cinematic Books.

Marling’s fifth album, Short Movie, is the result of an extended period of stopping and thinking. "I realised that I hadn’t been in a place for longer than two or three weeks since I was 16," she explains. "I thought 'I wonder what will happen if I try and root myself somewhere?' Look back over the past eight years."

Shelving the album she had written and begun, she gave herself six months away from anything related to music, to explore and learn new skills, to try other kinds of writing, other ways of thinking. "It was definitely good for me," she says. "But it was also absolutely horrible and I’ll never do that again."


Marling at Totstock Spring Fair in LA - 3 May 2014

Marling performed at Los Angeles Family School's annual Totstock Spring Fair & Music Festival on 3 May 2014. Saying that she was "more ill-prepared for kids' songs than she thought", Marling performed a cover of Neil Young's Dance Dance Dance, a song from Lady and the Tramp, Alas I Cannot Swim, Love Be Brave, and Ghosts. All proceeds from the event went to benefit Los Angeles Family School.

Charlotte and her Laura Marling t-shirt - 2009.

Charlotte in her Laura Marling t-shirt

"i really, really love it! apart from the fact that it is seriously huge. i'm not kidding, it goes almost to my knees. they had no smalls left at the stall so i went for a medium. whatever, it's clearly a dude's medium. it also says laura marling underneath the 'i speak because i can' bit, but you can't see that because i had to tuck it into my skirt, so that you could actually see my skirt. i did tell you it was huge."


Laura Marling - painting by Stuart Pearson Wright In June 2013, Marling partnered with Secret Cinema to transform a run-down school in Hackney into a 1930's hotel and create a fantasy environment for Marling's music. Attendees were immersed into the curious, romantic world of the Grand Eagle Hotel. All Secret Cinema ticketholders were requested to bring to the show: a photograph of an old lover, a secret gift for a stranger, flowers for Lady Undine (the mistress of the house) and choice of either an old record, a satchel full of unwanted books or a suitcase of unwanted clothes. (There was also an optional request to dress in "vintage black tie".) A Secret Restaurant was open exclusively to 36 of the Secret Cinema guests each performance Diners at the restaurant took part in a lavish banquet, featuring chilled almond soup with sour cherry and black bread; roast quail with rose petals and pistachios on jeweled rice, as well as Alfonso mango with pashmak. There was a vegan option designed by Laura Marling herself. (This might indicate that Marling is vegan.) >A collection of photos from The Grand Eagle Ball have been posted on tumbler


Kairos Dance Company Hazel Clarke, Artistic Director/Choreographer of Kairos Dance Company, was inspired by the song My Manic and I to create A Question That Sometimes Drives Me Hazy: Am I or the Others Crazy?, a full-length work of choreography focusing on Mental Illness in the early 1960s, it's stigmas, and it's effect on society. "It's a dark piece, but there are comical aspects of it and light parts," said Harper. "There is a lot of light and beauty in it. We're all human, we all have issues. It doesn't matter if you're diagnosed with anything or not, everybody can relate." Chelsea Sektan writes more about Hazel Clarke's project at Easy Reader News.

In the summer of 2013, "I Speak Because I Can", an original musical featuring the songs of Laura Marling was performed by student-run theatre group Dorothy L. Productions, based in Flower Mound, Texas (near Dallas). The musical was set in the Boston area in the year 1960, with a story that explores themes of civil rights and feminism. All profits were donated to Traffick911, an organization dedicated to fighting sexual slavery of children in the U.S. Video is available on YouTube.