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Short Movie - artwork
  1. Warrior - 5:19
  2. False Hope - 3:12
  3. I Feel Your Love - 4:02
  4. Walk Alone - 3:19
  5. Strange - 3:17
  6. Don't Let Me Bring You... - 3:10
  7. Easy - 3:43
  8. Gurdjieff's Daughter - 4:22
  9. Divine - 2:58
  10. How Can I - 3:21
  11. Howl - 5:05
  12. Short Movie - 4:36
  13. Worship Me - 3:33

Tracks 4, 6, and 12 are labelled as "Explicit".

SHORT MOVIE will be avaiable as a Double Vinyl LP, a CD album, or as an MP3 Digital Album.


Marling’s fifth album, Short Movie, is the result of an extended period of stopping and thinking. "I realised that I hadn’t been in a place for longer than two or three weeks since I was 16," she explains. "I thought 'I wonder what will happen if I try and root myself somewhere?' Look back over the past eight years."

Shelving the album she had written and begun, she gave herself six months away from anything related to music, to explore and learn new skills, to try other kinds of writing, other ways of thinking. "It was definitely good for me," she says. "But it was also absolutely horrible and I’ll never do that again."


A report by The Trinity Mirror data group on word usage by songwriters states that, over her first three albums, Laura Marling employed some 1200 different words. She used the pronoun 'I' 337 times, and the pronoun 'you' 185 times. (From 4 September article by Karen Jordan in Get Reading)


  • When Times music critic Pete Paphides hosted a show on BBC6 on the resurgence of vinyl recordings early in 2012, Marling appeared on the show and provided him with this playlist of her recent vinyl acquisitions:

    Nan Goldin

    In a brief interview with FAULT MAGAZINE, things about Marling were revealed. Her favourite artist is photographer Nan Goldin; she has no favourite fashion designer; her all-time favourite film is LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (I'm assuming she means the 1997 Italian film that won three Oscars. There are at least six films with that title.), and she considers her worst habit to be Marmite.



    On close examination of the stop motion animated video for Marling's cover of The Needle and the Damage Done one can see the 1980 album In the Saddle by New Orleans soul jazz singer Betty Harris.



    Laura Marling photo showing tattoo on left wrist Laura Marling has two tattoos. On the inside of her left wrist is the Marling family crest. On her right wrist is the family motto: We Are Prey To None. These were described by interviewer Tony Clayton-Lea in The Irish Times on 17 May. On right is a photo taken when Marling was 19 which clearly shows a tattoo of a lighthouse on her inside left wrist.


    Ryan Adams

    Ryan Adams told NME how he reacted to hearing Laura Marling's 2010 album I SPEAK BECAUSE I CAN: "I literally threw out 80 per cent of what I had (for the next album). And it felt good to ask: 'What am I really capable of? I felt competitive again to write great songs." His album, ASHES AND FIRE, the subject of all that revision, was released in 2011.


    All of This Can Be Broken - by Jason Lucas

    Photographer Jason Lucas of Chillicothe, Ohio has published a book of photos entitled all of this can be broken. The title was inspired by the Laura Marling song DEVIL'S SPOKE. The book is available on Amazon for $34.99.


    The short film When Brave Bird Saved, by Frederick Scott & Nicholas Jack Davies, which features music from ONCE I WAS AN EAGLE, can be viewed on YouTube. The film is described as "an introduction to a visual journey directly inspired, informed, and narrated by the first four tracks of 'Once I Was An Eagle.'" Castmembers are: Jessica Lee Keller (Alison Bailey in episode #277 of CSI), Sean Patrick Parnell, Amanda Balen, Christopher Black, Jasmine Albuquerque, Cathy Cooper, Haylee roderick, Bill Prudich, Andy Acosta, Rhoda Pell, Forrest Temple, Theresa Balderson, Galen Howard, and Alfred Gilliam.

    Charlotte and her Laura Marling t-shirt - 2009.

    Charlotte in her Laura Marling t-shirt

    "i really, really love it! apart from the fact that it is seriously huge. i'm not kidding, it goes almost to my knees. they had no smalls left at the stall so i went for a medium. whatever, it's clearly a dude's medium. it also says laura marling underneath the 'i speak because i can' bit, but you can't see that because i had to tuck it into my skirt, so that you could actually see my skirt. i did tell you it was huge."


    Goodbye First Love poster

    The Water, a Marling/Johnny Flynn duet, is featured in the 2011 film GOODBYE FIRST LOVE, which stars Lola Créton, and is about two young lovers reunited after 8 years apart. The French film is now available on DVD and on Amazon Instant Video. It can also be streamed on Netflix (US).


    The London Telegraph published a list of the 50 top female singer/songwriters of all time and Laura Marling is number thirty-eight. It's a pretty good list, but the rankings seem quite random. (Number two is Joni Mitchell. Number forty-one is K.D. Lang. Number one is Adele?.


    THE BEAST has its own website. The site consists mainly of a profusely illustrated poem by Marling expanding on the song's theme.

    Marling's inspiration for the poem comes from a quote from Thomas Jefferson about the abolition of slavery: "We have the wolf by the ears and we can neither hold him nor safely let him go." She told an interviewer for Q recently that the poem is read by Gil Landry of the Old Crow Medicine Show. Asked why she selected Landry, she said: "I liked the idea of having a deeply masculine voice reading what are essentially deeply feminine thoughts."

    The illustrations for the aforementioned BEAST site were done by SHYNOLA, a group of three London visual artists, Chris Harding, Richard Kenworthy and Jason Groves. They also are responsible for the artwork associated with ACIDK.


    Rebecca Miles of ran a gag article about Marling, titled Laura Marling Nude Photos Leaked Online. Turns out the pictures "hacked from her phone" were of nude sculptures from the Louvre, including Grand Odalisque by the French painter Ingres.


    At the 6 Music Prom 12 August 2013 at the Royal Albert Hall, LM played 3 songs; I Was An Eagle, You Know and then a special version of Breathe with the London Sinfonetta, marking the first time that Marling has performed with an orchestra. Marling's 11 minute performance is available on YouTube.


    Laura Marling - painting by Stuart Pearson Wright In June 2013, Marling partnered with Secret Cinema to transform a run-down school in Hackney into a 1930's hotel and create a fantasy environment for Marling's music. Attendees were immersed into the curious, romantic world of the Grand Eagle Hotel. All Secret Cinema ticketholders were requested to bring to the show: a photograph of an old lover, a secret gift for a stranger, flowers for Lady Undine (the mistress of the house) and choice of either an old record, a satchel full of unwanted books or a suitcase of unwanted clothes. (There was also an optional request to dress in "vintage black tie".) A Secret Restaurant was open exclusively to 36 of the Secret Cinema guests each performance Diners at the restaurant took part in a lavish banquet, featuring chilled almond soup with sour cherry and black bread; roast quail with rose petals and pistachios on jeweled rice, as well as Alfonso mango with pashmak. There was a vegan option designed by Laura Marling herself. (This might indicate that Marling is vegan.) >A collection of photos from The Grand Eagle Ball have been posted on tumbler

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